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March 26th 2020

Economic Turbulences – Official Swiss Support for SMEs

The outbreak of the coronavirus around the world is an extremely challenging time for all of us personally, for society and for businesses. The SJCC wants to let you know that we are here to support our members. Due to the current situation, many...
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March 10th 2020

Japan-Chef von DKSH warnt: «Man sieht schon jetzt deutlich mehr EU-Produkte in Japan».

Anlässlich des SJCC After-Work Event vom 27. Februar in Zürich ist ein NZZ-Interview mit Michael Loefflad, Japan-Chef des von DKSH entstanden. Michael Settelen von «NZZ Asien» befragte ihn über die Folgen der Coronavirus-Krise...
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March 2nd 2020

Restrictions due to COVID-19

In view of the current situation in Switzerland and the spread of the coronavirus, the SJCC decided to postpone all events planned until mid March. This measure is intended to support the efforts to prevent or delay the spread of the new coronavirus in...
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January 15th 2020

How to Deal Successfully with Japanese Business Partners?

Five tips from SJCC Vice President Wieland Noetzold for dealing with Japanese business partners: Don’t make spontaneous contact attempts. Do your homework. The boss comes into play later. Find “influencers”. Small gifts...
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January 13th 2020

The Next Generation of Swiss-Japanese Entrepreneurs

SJCC Managing Director Dominique Ursprung wrote a report for the SwissExport Journal presenting the new generation of entrepreneurs that connect Switzerland with Japan in new ways: At the Ginmaku Film Festival in the middle of Zurich, Mizuki Mazbara...
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December 20th 2019

The SJCC in 2019

Dear Members and friends, I thank you for a very successful year 2019 for the SJCC. Your valuable contribution and support are very much appreciated. The Shinnenkai at the beginning of the year could not have been more timely with a speech by Robert Teh...