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Martin Stricker

30th Anniversary SJCC Scholarship Fund

On the 1st October 2018, Martin Stricker welcomed alumni and guests from all over the world to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Scholarhip Fund.

Chairman 2016 - 2019

In January 2016, Martin Stricker succeeded Paul Dudler as the Chairman of the Scholarship fund after having been a member of the board of the Swiss Japanese Chamber of Commerce (SJCC) since June 2014.

On an honorary basis Martin Stricker served as the President of the Swiss  Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Japan (SCCIJ) from February 2010 to February 2013.

In 2004, he established Gaipro, Inc., a company dedicated to Executive Search and Management Consulting in Tokyo. In 2014, when G&S Japan acquired Gaipro, he became a Board Member and shareholder of G&S Japan.
He now lives in Basel, Switzerland with his family and works for the cantonal government of Basel-Stadt in the Economic Development Unit.

Martin Stricker is a Swiss born entrepreneur, who has spent over 20 years in Japan. After graduating with an MBA from the University of St. Gallen (HSG), Switzerland, he attended Sophia University in Tokyo.