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JSL Nippon Academy

JSL Nippon Academy

Impressions from the Okinawa and Tokyo campus

Development of Student Skills for Academic and Professional Success

Japanese Language School “JSL Nippon Academy” was established in 1986. We have supported each student’s dream to come true for over 30 years. Our basic idea is “Sincerity”. We receive their enthusiasm to study Japanese and Japanese culture. We make use of our experiences and give guidelines with kindness and politeness.

We make sure to strengthen the foundation of basic Japanese and have them on the path towards Technical school/Vocational school or University, and business as a next step. We wholeheartedly support students in order to succeed globally with excellent use of Japanese!

Locations Available /Choose your location

Not only is there the Okinawa Campus, which has a peaceful environment surrounded by beautiful nature, JSL Tokyo Campus is available at the center of politics, economics and culture while living and studying in Japan.

Attentive and detailed lessons / Learning Japanese culture and manner

Japanese proficiency indeed, we also offer a place to learn overall knowledge of Japanese culture and lifestyle protocols in Japanese society to become independent and successful within Japan.

Well experienced

We proudly offer more than 30 years of experience since JSL was established, where many students have travelled from all over the world to study Japanese. (Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Slovakia, Poland, Norway, Russia, United States, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Columbia, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Philippines, China, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Nepal, etc...)