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Boris Danev

Final Report

“I felt imbued with magic. The magic of an experience that went far beyond simply love, friendship, culture, language courses, and internships. The magic of a mixture of scenes and perceptions, that even now, continues to fill my memories with an exquisite feeling of harmony and beauty.”

I wrote the above sentences on my way back to Europe. They were supposed to be the beginning of a story about friendship and love, scenes and perceptions. However, as it often happens, life takes us in its flow, and as a consequence, I postponed that initial story… who knows… maybe one day I will continue with it.

To put it straight, my stay in Japan was a busy mixture of language learning, cultural experiences and hard work with some wonderful escapes for scenes and perceptions. In what follows, I will try to summarize my experiences and draw some conclusions from what I did and did not.

For completeness for those who have probably not read the interim report, my stay in Japan officially consisted of a three month language study in Kanazawa and a nine month internship at NEC Corp. I further extended it for another two months to enjoy the presence of a special person and complete my work with NEC. This was all done in the frame of the post-graduate industrial internship program organized by EPF-Lausanne and kindly supported by the Swiss-Japanese Chamber of Commerce(SJCC).

I am grateful to the Service d’Orientation et Conseil in EPFL for their support before and during my stay in Japan and to my host family Nishinaga for the nice time spent together. My sincere thanks go also to Toshio Kamei at NEC for his excellent supervision and friendliness. Last, but not least, I would like to thank Paul Dudler (SJCC) for taking into consideration my case for scholarship.