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Daniel Kaluza

Midterm Report


First and foremost, I would like to thank once again Mr. Paul Dudler and whole SJCC for supporting me to live that Japanese dream. As a token of my gratitude, I intend to write this report as a very direct form of communication between me, the person who has been conducting the Japanese Year, and you, the potential or current recipient. I apologize in advance for a maybe excessively personal way of writing, but I trust in this way I will be able to convey all the useful information more effectively. Before writing more specifically about my experiences in Japan, I believe some bio data about me could give you a chance to find some similarities between the two of us:
My name is Daniel Kaluza

  • At the moment of writing I am 24 years old
  • Swiss resident, but a Polish citizen (ergo European Union passport, but not a Swiss citizen)
  • I have just graduated from University of St. Gallen, Master of Arts in Strategy and International Management
  • Fully pledged lacto-ovo vegetarian (i.e. no fish, meat or chicken ingredients, milk and egg is all right)
  • Focused on entrepreneurship, planning to do my own business in/with Japan (most probably import/export activities)
  • Spoke some Japanese at the time of application (circa 300 kanji, casual conversation)
  • In love with Japan

I hope this report will be useful for anybody interested in SJCC scholarship, but the more similarities you can find between my description and yourself, the more valuable information you are likely to find in this report.