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Lucas Kruettli

Final Report


This report is a summary of my “Japan Year” which is sponsored by the Swiss-Japanese Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Fund. It was written at the midterm stage while I am still residing in Japan. Although still incomplete in many ways it already introduces the main organizational challenges.

After answering the question of why I wanted to go to Japan I will start with the traditional account of how I prepared for the year and how I organized my life so far. Without a doubt, the Great Tohoku Earthquake was the most significant event during my year in Japan, as it was to the Japanese Nation since the beginning of the 21st century. In a second part I would therefore like to recount this experience with more detail than with other passages of this report. 

Apart from my thanks to Mr. Paul Dudler for his remarkable support and the Swiss-Japanese Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Fund for making this possible in the first place, I would also like to convey my gratitude to all the people in Switzerland and in Japan who helped and supported me along the way. It is truly astonishing how supportive some people are if you ask for their help outrightly.

Rabea Emmenegger decided to join me for my Japan Year. Naturally, we shared some of the same experiences which are also reflected in her report.