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Simon Hilber

Midterm Report


Welcome to my midterm report which shall be analyzing and describing the experiences I made during the first half of my stay in Japan as part of the scholarship program of the Swiss-Japanese Chamber of Commerce. First of all I would like to thank the Swiss-Japanese Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Fund and especially Mr. Paul Dudler for allowing me to experience once again the Japanese lifestyle and culture by immersing into it.

In this report I tried to include advice for people who are planning a stay in Japan. Since I based my descriptions on my own experiences, actual situations in Japan as encountered by other people might vary from the descriptions given in this report. I would also like to mention that the given opinions and descriptions do not reflect the position of the Swiss-Japanese Chamber of Commerce, but are merely an expression of my own views and thoughts. It is also worthwhile noticing that the mentioned rules, laws and possibilities might vary through time and might not be valid anymore.

The experiences I made in Japan during the first six months of my stay were vast and overwhelming. I would therefore like to continue my descriptions without further introduction.