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Kanpai with Mr. Miyazaki – A drop of Japan at Maison Manesse

Japanese World Class Bartender Mr. Miyazaki

Friday, March 4, 2016 18:30 - 23:45
  • Maison Manesse
    Hopfenstrasse 2
    8045 Zurich
  • Maison Manesse
  • Swiss-Japanese Chamber of Commerce
  • shizuku GmbH

Menu mit Begleitung vom japanischen Meister: 260.- Menu mit zusätzlichem Käsegang und Begleitung vom japanischen Meister: 280.

The SJCC made it possible to bring three excellent partners together. Enjoy!

Mr. Tsuyoshi MIYAZAKI, is a top Japanese Bar man who also holds the title of Asia Pacific Champion and finished as No3 in the International World Class Competition in 2013. He will be able to present the Japanese Sake from various angles (he is also Kikizakeshi and Senior Sommelier) and without preaching in words, his Sake cocktails will tell us how different elements, at times opposing and conflictual, can be nicely harmonzied and enhance one another, given the right way of mixing.

At maison manesse lively people prepare exciting food for relaxed guests. challenge your palate without having to subject yourself to dated dinner table rituals, ties and subdued dinner conversations. fine dining ought to be liberating. at maison manesse it is exactly that. no musts, no expectations, no tablecloths. simply indulgence in all its culinary facets. love on plates and in glasses. served by a friend.

shizuku – the first drop falls… – reflects this multifaceted Japanese sense of life on the basis of exquisite drops of high quality, having been savoured and handpicked.