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News / 2016

SJCC Members Learned About Nestlé Beverages – and How to Be a Barista!

SJCC at the Nestlé Beverage Centre

October 13, 2016

On October 12, the second event of SJCC’s Romandie section took place in Orbe (VD). On invitation of our corporate member Nestlé, participants visited the Professional Beverage Center and were introduced to the activities performed at this impressive research and manufacturing site which employs over 1500 persons and was the “birthplace” of Nescafé.

At the beginning, participants were invited to a professional Barista show, where the skill of preparing beautiful “Latte Art” decorations on espesso was introduced. Volunteers could even try the technique themselves, which yielded surprisingly good results. This was followed by an introduction to the Orbe facility, which is a key location for the development and manufacturing of Nestlé beverages, including some insights about market trend.

The second presentation was focused on Japan and in particular the innovative marketing ideas which have boosted the development of the Nescafé business there. Participants used the opportunity to ask many questions so time was almost running out before the dinner.

Special thanks to Michael Briner, Vice President Regional Management at Nestlé and Member of the SJCC Board, as well as Peter Svensson, Senior Vice President and Head of Global branded Beverages at Nestle for the organization of this highly interesting event.