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9th AGM of the Alumni Organisation

9th AGM of the SJCC Alumni Organisation

Sunday, April 25, 2010 11:00 - 14:30
  • Ryokan Hasenberg
    Hasenbergstrasse 74
    8967 Widen
  • SJCC Young Professionals

AGM 2009
1. Welcome by the President
2. Minutes of the AGM 2009
3. Annual Report and Accounts 2009
4. Discharge of Board Members
5. Reelection of old and election of new Board Members
6. Activities 2010/11
7. Any other Business

Brief introduction on the latest developments with the SJCC Scholarship Foundation by its Chairman Paul Dudler

Special Guest: Presentation by SJCC Alumnus Gérard Moinat
Scholarship Alumnus Gérard Moinat has worked in Tokyo for Kyodo PR, and ABC Enterprises. He writes articles for the Swiss Page in the magazine Japanmarkt and now works as a Journalist for the magazine Cash in Zürich.

Kaiseki menu served in a “Nodate” lunch-box
Enjoy a selection of kaiseki dishes served in a special lacquered lunch-box and prepared by Ryokan Hasenberg’s renowned grand chef.

Chronology of Events
11:00 Get-together
11:30 Begin of the Annual General Meeting
12:00 Presentation by Alumnus Gérard Moinat (with introduction by Paul Dudler)
12:30 Short introduction Japan
13:00 Lunch: Nodate kaiseki menu