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Project “Matterhorn”

Switzerland is seen as a very attractive country by Japanese investors, however, actual Foreign Direct Investments by Japanese multinational companies (MNCs) into Switzerland are clearly below some of the other countries in Europe. Consequently, there is an opportunity for Switzerland to more strongly participate in the stream of high-quality investments from Japan and for Japanese MNCs to benefit more strongly from the favorable business environment in Switzerland (i.e. “win-win”).

That is why the SJCC has initiated Project “Matterhorn” with the following Vision 2030:

Make Switzerland a prime hub* in Europe for investments by Japanese Multinational Companies

i.e. receiving stable significant investment streams from Japanese MNCs, being within the top 5 receiving countries in Europe in terms of number of projects; the focus is on qualitative investments (both FDI and M&A) with synergies to existing business ecosystems (e.g. High-tech, Fintech or Life Sciences) to create “win-win” outcomes

Two principal approaches to increase the number and volume of synergetic, value-add investments (both FDIs and M&A) from Japan to Switzerland:

  • Help further enhance the attractiveness of Switzerland for Japanese investors, and 
  • Help enhance the focus and the effectiveness of the location and investment promotion activities* in Switzerland for Japanese investors

i.e. support existing investment or location promotion organizations such as Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE), economic and location promotion agencies of the cantons, Greater Zurich Area (GZA), Greater Geneva Berne Area (GGBA) or Basel Area Business & Innovation etc. in finding the effective communication channels, access and messaging with potential Japanese investors