SJCC Swiss-Japanese Chamber of Commerce
Investing in Switzerland

Key Initiatives

Project “Matterhorn”

The SJCC has prioritized the following initiatives for the working group of Project “Matterhorn” to pursue:

Leveraging commercial banks when approaching potential investors

Leverage selected commercial and private Japanese and Swiss banks as important intermediaries between potential investors (particularly for manager-owned businesses) and location / investment promotion actors in Switzerland.

Enhanced messaging for investment promotion in Japan

Enhance the messaging and information packages for potential Japanese investors by addressing the specific location selection factors and investment evaluation considerations of Japanese MNCs.

Seasoned Switzerland-Japan experts supporting investment decision and establishment of business in Switzerland

Leverage seasoned Switzerland-Japan experts that support interested Japanese companies in taking their investment decision and help them to effectively get started in Switzerland once they have decided to invest and come here.

Universities / research institutes as supporters for the investment promotion

Leverage Swiss universities and research institutes to support Japanese companies in taking their investment decision, establishing their presence in Switzerland and getting connected to the relevant ecosystem players.

Leverage World Expo 2025 Osaka for the promotion of Switzerland

Use the World Expo 2025 in Osaka-Kansai as platform to communicate the attractiveness of Switzerland as a place to invest (e.g., showcasing specific sub-sectors and ecosystems with existing players and case studies) with events in Switzerland and Japan.