SJCC Swiss-Japanese Chamber of Commerce
Investing in Switzerland

Committee Members

Project “Matterhorn”

The working group of Project “Matterhorn” is the Japan-Switzerland Investment Promotion Committee (JSIPC), a Committee of the Board of the SJCC, and consists of the following team members:

Markus T. Schweizer
Senior Partner EY, Committee Head

Wieland Noetzold
Senior Executive Officer Sunstar,
Vice President SJCC,
Deputy Committee Head

Shiro Takegami
Director General JETRO Geneva,
Vice President SJCC

Liv Minder
Investment Promotion Director, Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE)

Fabian Stiefvater
Head of Swiss Business Hub Japan
represented by:
Luca Saporita
Trade & Investment Advisor, Swiss Business Hub Japan

Felix Moesner
Swiss Consul and CEO Swissnex Japan
represented by:
Carlos Correa
Head of Innovation & Startups, Swissnex Japan

+ Martin Herb
Attorney at Law, President of the SJCC, as standing invitee