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Project “Matterhorn”

Reception of a Japanese Pharma delegation in Switzerland
24 April 2024

During the week of the Swiss Biotech Day, a delegation of 13 Japanese Biopharma companies visited Switzerland. As they are interested to invest in Switzerland or enter into strategic partnerships with other ecosystem players, the SJCC organized an information event and reception for the members of the delegation in Zurich. The event was sponsored by EY and Takeda.

Project «Matterhorn» Activities
The speakers of the event from left to right: Markus T Schweizer, Partner, EY; René Buholzer, CEO, Interpharma; Gabriela Güntherodt, Partner, EY; Sandra Hedinger, Head of External Affairs, Takeda Pharma AG; Martin Herb, President of the SJCC; Thomas Gfeller, CEO, Foundation Switzerland Innovation.