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SJCC After-Work: Japanese Shochu Tasting

Ready for Shochu?

Last SJCC Event in 2019 - Don't miss it.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019 17:30 - 20:30
  • Zürcher Yacht Club (ZYC)
    General-Guisan-Quai 17
    8002 Zurich
  • Marc Nydegger Managing Director Shizuku GmbH
  • Swiss-Japanese Chamber of Commerce

SJCC Members: 60 CHF
Non-Members: 80 CHF

- Fee per person, to be paid in cash or by card at the event - Full no-show charge unless registration is canceled until 2 December 2019

Join us at the exclusive Zurich Yacht Club for a selected Japanese Shochu Tasting with SJCC Member Shizuku GmbH and its Managing Director Mr. Marc Nydegger.

17:30 Doors open & Registration

18:00 Welcome by SJCC President Mr. Martin Herb

18:05 Shochu Tasting with Mr. Marc Nydegger from Shizuku.

Shochu – The distilled drop of Japan.

Shochu is Japan’s second traditional drink after sake (nihonshu). Sake, the Japanese rice wine, is often mistakenly understood as a distillate. But here the Shochu comes into play, which is actually distilled and gets a completely different basic taste depending on the main ingredient.

From Mugi (barley) to Imo (sweet potato), Kome (rice) to Goma (sesame) – Shochu is extremely different in its aromatic facets and is suitable, depending on the basic ingredient and type of drink, as an aperitif, as a digestif, as well as an excellent accompaniment to food.

Shizuku Shochu Tasting at Lake Zurich

Marc Nydegger is pleased to introduce you to the secret of this distilled drop of Japan. On his gustatory journey, the Japanologist has been demonstrating since 2013 in a friendly, accessible and exciting way how high-quality and popular Swiss products can be combined with the best from Japan.

His cultural knowledge of Japan and his Japanese language skills contribute to his extensive know-how of the enormously broad and exciting range of Japanese drops. His profession is to show you the subtle, delicate differences and possible combinations and to inspire some to do so.

Let yourself be surprised once again by Japan’s art – this time with a fine drop of Shochu – right on the beautiful Lake Zurich at the Yacht Club.