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SJCC Young Professionals: YP Talk & Experience Sharing

SJCC Young Professionals

The SJCC YP provide former recipients of the Scholarship Fund, but also young people who may not (yet) be scholarship recipients but have professional interest in Japan a platform to share experiences, expand the personal and professional network as well as keeping the Japan related knowledge up-to-date.

Image: Courtesy of JNTO
The Speakers

Jacqueline Tschumi, Gérald Gassert, Jennifer Harstad, and Stefan Yanku

Thursday, June 25, 2020 18:00 - 19:30
  • Jacqueline Tschumi YP President
  • Gérald Gassert YP Vice-President and Treasurer
  • Jennifer Harstad Member of the YP Board
  • Stefan Yanku Member of the YP Board
  • SJCC Young Professionals

Free for members and non-members


Have you ever wondered, who is the team behind the SJCC Young Professionals? At this the SJCC YP Panel Discussion, we would like to give you personal insights into the SJCC YP Board – Who are we? What drives us? What brought us to Japan? What was our experience in and with Japan?

Our board will share their individual stories and experiences with you and give useful tips for Life & Work in Japan.

We look forward to meeting you in a more personal setting and to have a lively discussion with all of you!

This event will be held digital and is free for members and non-members; registrations is required to receive the access link.