SJCC Swiss-Japanese Chamber of Commerce
News / 2016

Interview with Martin Herb Takata and Dominique Ursprung

March 10, 2016

JETRO Switzerland reported in its monthly Newsletter on the new leadership team of the Swiss-Japanese Chamber of Commerce.

When asked about his plans for the Chamber, SJCC President Martin Herb stated:

“The SJCC will continue to organize high-level speakers from Japan and Switzerland as well as original presentations on topical Japan related issues. Beyond this we are also planning to start hosting events in western Switzerland. For this we can count on the support of our newly elected Vice-President and Treasurer Dr. Wieland Noetzold from Sunstar, based in the Canton of Vaud. Last but not least the SJCC will continue its significant support for the Scholarship Fund, which enables young professionals to benefit from a year’s experience in Japan.”