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News / 2020

How Should Switzerland React to the New Mega-Regionals from Asia-Pacific?

The Swiss FTA Network in Asia-PacificUrsprung, Ziltener (2020)
December 16, 2020

SJCC Managing Director Dominique Ursprung and trade expert Patrick Ziltener have analysed what the newly concluded RCEP and the Japan led CPTPP mean for Swiss Foreign Economic Policy.

The most important conclusion of the authors is, that a growing CPTPP, to which important trading partners of Switzerland could join, would become very significant. Switzerland could gain a lot as a CPTPP member by not only expanding the trade network to include the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam and Malaysia, but also by updating existing agreements such as the one with Japan (from 2009) or those with Mexico, Canada or Chile. This would also offset some of the disadvantages resulting from the RCEP formation. In short: Switzerland, too, should actively consider joining the CPTPP.

The full analysis is avaliable here: