SJCC Swiss-Japanese Chamber of Commerce
Young Professionals


Seto Ohashi Bridge, Okayama©Okayama-ken Kanko Renmei/©JNTO

The SJCC Young Professionals association was founded in April 2002 in Zurich, originally named SJCC Alumni Organisation, to provide former recipients of the Scholarship Fund with a platform to share experiences, expand the personal and professional network as well as keeping the Japan related knowledge up-to-date.

Besides the activities in Switzerland, there is, since 2004, a former scholarship receipient in Japan who assists newly arrived SJCC scholarship recipients.

On December 5th 2016, the SJCC Alumni Organisation association has been renamed to "SJCC Young Professionals". Foremost to welcome and include young people who may not (yet) be scholarship
recipients but have professional interest in Japan or simply would like to network with
like-minded people.

The main activities of the SJCC Young Professionals are:

  • The Annual General Meeting
  • SJCC Young Professionals & Friends Informal Gatherings

Also the SJCC Young Professionals aspires to support the Scholarship Fund in raising funds to continue sending young talents from Switzerland to Japan to experience a challenging year of learning language, business and culture.

To contact the SJCC Young Professionals: Contact Form.