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News / 2021

Ursprung concludes his time as Managing Director of the SJCC after 6 years

December 10, 2021

Dominique Ursprung was appointed as managing director of the Swiss-Japanese Chamber of Commerce (SJCC) in December 2015, and has served for the association in this role since then.

After six inspiring years, Ursprung has decided to step down from this position at the end of 2021 to focus on his role as lecturer at the ZHAW School of Management and Law. Ursprung has been a member of the SJCC since 2007 and received a scholarship from the chamber for a year in Japan, which allowed him to work in Japan’s House of Representatives in 2009. Subsequently, he headed the alumni association of this program (today’s SJCC Young Professionals), and represented them in the SJCC Board from 2012 to 2015.

Digital Transformation

During his time as Managing Director (2016-2021), Ursprung implemented the digital transformation of the SJCC with a paperless office, online event registrations, responsive web design, and a public corporate member directory. Furthermore, an online newsletter and a popular LinkedIn page have been developed. Beyond that, the SJCC has regularly been visible in the news, for instance to advocate for an update of the Japan-Switzerland FTEPA from 2009.

I’m grateful for the trust and support I have received from the board of the SJCC to take up this opportunity in 2016. The close collaboration for an efficient and effective SJCC office with Stefan Yanku (IT), Marco Di Piazza (Media & Communication), Simon von Gunten (Photography), Jacqueline Tschumi (SJCC YP and S-GE), Wieland Noetzold (Finances), and Martin Herb (SJCC President) have made this journey a great pleasure.

Dominique Ursprung

Newly Elected Board Member

In November 2021, Ursprung has been (re-) elected into the Board of the SJCC to continue in his role as Secretary for the Parliamentary Friendship Group Switzerland-Japan, that is led by National Councillor Elisabeth Schneider-Schneiter (Mitte/BL), and – as vice president -, Member of the Council of State, Thierry Burkart (FDP/AG).

Some Impressions:

Ursprung initiated the planting of 60 cherry trees in Winterthur (Eulachpark) to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Swiss-Japanese diplomatic relations in 2014.
SJCC Shinnenkai in Zurich (2018)
Visit of Members of the Japanese Parliament to Switzerland in 2016
Impulse Event Japan in Spring 2019 co-organised with S-GE and JETRO
50th Anniversary of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Swiss Membership in St. Gallen (2017)
National Councilor Schneider-Schneiter meets the Ambassador of Japan in the Federal Palace in Bern (2020)