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Philipp Saurer, Chairman of the SJCC Scholarship Fund

May 2019

In May 2019, Philipp Saurer succeeded Martin Stricker as the Chairman of the Scholarship Fund. Prior to that, in November 2018, he was appointed to the Board of the Swiss Japanese Chamber of Commerce (SJCC).

Mr. Saurer has extensive experience of working and livig in Japan. After obtaining a Bachelor in BA from Berne University and work at a local company, he had the opportunity to move to Japan working for the watch company Century Time Gems Ltd. Subsequently, he decided to join HTM, a company supporting foreign companies in back-office and business setup. After eight years, he wanted to go “on the inside” and decided to join LNS Japan, a Swiss machine tool peripherals manufacturer, as a Head of Finance and Administration. LNS runs a factory in Ishikawa prefecture, so this new role gave him an opportunity to experience life and work outside the big cities – a good change to working in the Tokyo service industry. After 12 years in Japan, LNS offered him in a new position based in Switzerland (Orvin) to manage the groups digitalization projects.

During his time in Japan, Philipp Saurer served as an advisor to the board of the SCCIJ in Tokyo.


Former Chairmen of the SJCC Scholarship Fund

Chairman 2016 - 2019