SJCC Swiss-Japanese Chamber of Commerce

News 2016

November 24th 2016

New Open-access Publication of the First Diplomatic Agreement Between Switzerland and Japan

Extract of the Preface for this digital book by Didier Burkhalter, Federal Councillor and Head of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs: "In 1863, a Swiss delegation headed by the President of the National Council arrived in the port of Yokohama...
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October 31st 2016

SJCC Welcomes Members of the House of Representatives in Berne

In September 2016, a delegation of the Japanese House of Representatives visited Switzerland. During their stay in the Swiss federal capital they met with members of the parliamentary group Switzerland-Japan. When the Vice-President of the Foreign Affairs...
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October 13th 2016

SJCC Members Learned About Nestlé Beverages - and How to Be a Barista!

On October 12, the second event of SJCC's Romandie section took place in Orbe (VD). On invitation of our corporate member Nestlé, participants visited the Professional Beverage Center and were introduced to the activities performed at this...
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September 28th 2016

A New Sponsor for the SJCC Scholarship Fund

Tokyo (SCCIJ) - The Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan (SCCIJ) has started its scholarship fund cooperation with the Swiss-Japan Chamber of Commerce (SJCC) in Zurich. A letter of agreement was already signed in June. As the first step, the...
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June 24th 2016

Successful first SJCC Event in the Romandie

On June 23rd 21 members and guests of the SJCC - filling the meeting room to the last chair despite the very hot weather - gathered at the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) for a presentation about the “ArtLab...
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May 12th 2016

NZZ reports on SJCC AGM Speech by Yoshinori Nakata

One day after the 31st AGM of the Swiss-Japanese Chamber of Commerce (SJCC), the Neue Zürcher Zeitung reported on the speech that Yoshinori Nakata held in front of the SJCC members at the Haus zum Rüden in Zurich. Mr. Nakata is Deputy Director-...
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May 8th 2016

New Faces at the SJCC Alumni Organization

The 15th AGM of the SJCC Alumni Organization took place on the 16th of April 2016 in Wiedikon, Zurich. Dominique Ursprung has officially resigned as President of the Alumni Organization, as he took over the position as Managing Director of the Chamber....
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March 15th 2016

Frische Expertise für zukünftige Brückenbauer

In der neuesten Ausgabe des Japanmakrt Magazins wurde über Martin Stricker, den neuen Vorsitzenden des SJCC Stipendienfonds berichtet: Die Zahl ist durchaus beeindruckend: Bereits 225 jungen Berufseinsteigern aus der Schweiz konnte der...
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March 18th 2016

New Cooperation between SJCC and SCCIJ

Over the last five years, relations between SJCC and SCCIJ (Swiss Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Japan) have been deepening continuously with reciprocal visits and exchanges by Presidents and Board Members alike. There is a strong will on both...
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March 10th 2016

Interview with Martin Herb Takata and Dominique Ursprung

JETRO Switzerland reported in its monthly Newsletter on the new leadership team of the Swiss-Japanese Chamber of Commerce. When asked about his plans for the Chamber, SJCC President Martin Herb stated: "The SJCC will continue to organize high-level...
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February 18th 2016

Die Vision des Roboters mit humanoidem Körper

Mit Japan ist der Schweizer Roboter-Papst Rolf Pfeifer tief verbunden. Sein berühmtes Labor für künstliche Intelligenz an der Universität Zürich trug den Beinamen „Little Tokyo“, weil es so viele Gastforscher aus Japan...
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February 1st 2016

New Publication: «Swiss World in Japan»

In March 2016 the new business guide «Swiss World in Japan» will be presented in Zurich: "Swiss World in Japan intends to bring you in a single document all basic information for doing business in Japan. This Guide may be considered not...